About Greenleaf Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Greenleaf Bookkeeping and Accounting Services provides accurate, flexible and reliable accounting services giving you ample time to focus on your core business activities by relieving you from writing checks, figuring payroll, cutting through the red tape of government forms and putting together profit and loss statements for the bank.

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accounting servicesInnovative processes and techniques for providing quality accounting solutions

accounting servicesExceptional customer experience

accounting servicesGlobal business process experience

accounting servicesCost effective Bellingham accounting and bookkeeping

accounting servicesAccurate and timely bookkeeping, accounting and financial services

very thorough and efficient

"I'm definitely a fan of Sara Greenleaf! Not only is she very thorough and efficient- I felt very comfortable with her upon our first meeting last year after being with the same accountant for 20 years. Thanks for your help, Sara!!"

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saved many hours

"Sara has helped Heating Green use and understand Quickbooks accounting software, which has saved many hours of trying to stay organized financially. This has allowed me to spend more time working on growing my business." Jeff Caldwell | HeatingGreen.com |...

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