With the downturn of the economy, there is several people that have been affected with credit card debt, short sales, and other cancellation of debts. These are reported to the taxpayer on a 1099-C.
Give me a call and I can tell you how this can affect you on your taxes and whether or not this becomes taxable income to you.

How are you keeping warm during this cold season?
Have you found any good energy efficiency ways to keep warm and get a good tax deduction? Do you know how to find those deductions??
I do!! Call Sara!!

Are you a daycare provider?
Did you know that daycare providers are allowed to deduct a standard meal allowance, per child, in lieu of actual expenses? I have the standard rates for the contiguous states, Alaska and Hawaii (yes, they are all different).
Let me know if you would like to know more information.

“Sara has helped Heating Green use and understand Quickbooks accounting software, which has saved many hours of trying to stay organized financially.”
Jeff Caldwell | Heating Green
“Greenleaf Accounting provided excellent, professional, up-to-date services with out the high cost of a fancy office with large overhead.”
Cary Lane | Monkey Sock Monkey
“Sara has been instrumental in setting up the accounting system at Pioneer Meadows Montessori School. I highly recommend Greenleaf Bookeeping and Accounting Services.”
Crystal Mills | Montessori School
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